Fish Creek Psychology

Psychology group

Who we are

Fish Creek Psychology is an initiative established in 2014 by a group of experienced professionals who have provided services to children and youth with learning, emotional, and behavioural needs for many years. Our primary purpose is to provide information about an individual's learning and development to help them reach their potential and achieve success at home, at school and in their community.

​Our Psychologists are members of: 

- College of Alberta Psychologists ( 
- Psychologists' Association of Alberta (

Scope of Practice: 

- Learning Disabilities and Challenges

- Attention Difficulties

- Autism Spectrum Disorder

Behavioural Difficulties

- Anxiety and Mood Difficulties

- Developmental Concerns

- Trauma

- Parenting Issues

- Exceptionality/Giftedness



- Psycho-Educational Assessments

- Social-Emotional & Behavioural Assessments

- Autism Assessments

- ADHD Assessments

- Gifted Assessments

- PDD/AISH Assessments


- Parents

- Schools

- Agencies

​- Health Professionals 


- Play-based therapy and parent strategies for young children.

- Individual counselling for youth and adults.

- Couples counselling.

- Both face-to-face and live video conferencing (teletherapy) sessions are offered.


- $200.00 per hour (as per the Psychologists' Association of Alberta fee schedule)

- Includes direct client contact (administration of assessments, counselling and consultation services), test scoring, 
interpretation of results to parents and schools, and report preparation.