Laura Hauk

Registered Psychologist

I offer comprehensive psycho-educational and emotional-behavioural assessments of children and adolescents. My area of expertise includes uncovering the reasons that a child is struggling in school, home or other social setting, which may involve a learning difficulty, attention difficulty, developmental delay, or an underlying emotional problem. Finding out about a child's learning, emotional, and behavioural needs and strengths can help identify appropriate learning environments, effective child, parent, and classroom strategies, and useful community resources. Some of my areas of focus include:
- Learning Disabilities and Challenges
- Attention Difficulties
- Autism Spectrum Disorder
- Behavioural Difficulties
- Anxiety and Mood Difficulties
- Social/Peer Interactions
Giftedness and Gifted Assessments
- PDD/AISH Assessments

I hold a Master of Science degree in School Psychology from the University of Calgary. As a registered psychologist, I have been working in the public education system since 2008 and in private practice since 2011. My clinical skills and understanding of child development is further enhanced by having worked for many years in residential treatment and specialized school settings as a child and youth care worker. I am professional, caring, and enthusiastic, and I am dedicated to helping children and families achieve success in their lives.

Contact: 403-831-8449

Fish Creek​ Psychology

Our Team

Colombia Carter

Registered Psychologist

Colombia is a Registered Psychologist in the Province of Alberta. She offers warm, skillful, and effective support to adults, youth and children, through counselling. Her areas of special training and expertise include depression and anxiety issues, self-esteem issues, trauma, and behavioural support for children and teens.   She uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approach in her counselling. This is a philosophy of psychotherapy which looks at how thoughts affect feelings which in turn affect behavior. Colombia is able to use a variety of techniques in therapy, which allows her to find the most effective approach for her clients.  These techniques are likely to include dialogue, interpretation, cognitive reframing, awareness exercises, self-monitoring experiments, visualization, journal keeping, drawing, and reading books. As a mother of four, Colombia brings to her work a deep knowledge, understanding and faith that every individual has the desire and ability to succeed. She endeavours to promote a strong and balanced relationship between children and their parents. Colombia has an arsenal of clinical knowledge regarding proven supports for children, youth, and adults.  Colombia’s ability to connect with her clients is based on a fundamental understanding that an individual thrives when they are in an environment of support, trust, and respect.

Contact: 403-999-8316


Psychology group

Kathy Baehr

Registered Psychologist

Kathy has worked as a psychologist in private practice for over 20 years. She was a founding member of IDEAS and has since gone on to set up a practice with a group of likeminded psychologists at Fish Creek Psychology. Previous experience has included working as a school psychologist for the Calgary Board of Education and Renfrew Educational Services with a focus on children and adolescents with learning, behavioural and emotional needs.  In addition, she has had vast experience working with children and adults with special needs in a variety of settings. Special interests include psycho-educational assessment for learning difficulties and giftedness as well as behavioural and parent consultation for children and adolescents of all ages.  In collaboration with parents and teachers, Kathy attempts to offer practical suggestions and recommendations aimed at helping her clients reach their potential as well as assisting parents to become positive advocates for their children. She prides herself in being approachable and combines common sense with a sense of humor whenever possible. Kathy brings a fun, playful approach to her work and strives to help all of her clients feel successful about their time together. 
Contact:  403-860-8239